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What is a pre-purchase building report?

Over the last 20-30 years, the building industry has been through some turbulent times as new methods and materials were tested with some very unsatisfactory and at times devastating consequences.


Many home owners have been caught out by purchasing a new home only to discover their dream house turned into a nightmare when discovering hidden beneath the outside skin of the house are rotting materials, mold, or sub-standard workmanship which  need major repairs. 

We know where to look and know the tale-tale signs to look for. To add to our expert eyes, we have tools and high quality technology that can detect moisture behind those pretty painted walls.

X-RAY Home Inspections in a house

A detailed visual inspection by our qualified, licenced builders with decades of experience includes: 

  • The Building Site  

  • The Subfloor Space  

  • The Exterior cladding of the Building

  • Exterior Windows and Doors  

  • The Roof Exterior  

  • The Roof Space  

  • The Interior of the Building

  • Ancillary Spaces and Buildings

These are non invasive inspections so we do not pull things apart, however we use high quality moisture testers that can sense moisture inside the walls. We also use high quality thermal imaging cameras that detect very mi-nute temperature differences, which can indicate moisture or leak problems.

We comment on each area and let you know the following:

  • Materials used

  • Current condition

  • Whether repairs are required both immediate or potentially at a later date

  • Are  there safety issues

  • Or best case scenario. We give the thumbs up. And you buy with confidence or go into your purchase agreement with eyes wide open 

X-RAY Home Inspections working
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Includes a Free Moisture Check!

Thermal Imaging
Meth Check
1 Bedroom *
2 Bedrooms *
3 Bedrooms *

* Separate dwelling/sleepout as part of a main house inspection

All Prices Exclude GST

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