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Definitions and disclaimers:

X-ray Homes Inspectors provides a residential property inspection and reporting service. The report encompasses NZ Standard NZS4306:2005 however may not cover it all in its entirety.   

This service is a non-invasive visual inspection of residential buildings and as such there are limitations to what this report can accomplish. 

X-ray Home Inspectors are highly experienced qualified Builders, they have a vast knowledge of building practices, codes and standards which enables them to competently do a thorough inspection, however, this report is not a technically exhaustive investigation, neither is it practicable to identify or itemize every potential problem at the time of inspection, both existing or future and is limited to the below conditions.  Some comments in this report are assumptions based on building experience and the use of modern technology which make this report as accurate as possible by examining the construction type, age of the building and the visual appearance and style of the materials at the time of inspection.

The Report should not be seen as an all-encompassing building report from every aspect, rather it should be seen as a reasonable attempt to identify any significant visible defects and as far as practicable, identify if there are significant defects in the structure. This property report is not a warranty against problems developing with the building after the date of the report. It is outside the scope of this report to investigate, or comment on if the dwelling complies with any Building Code legislations or Local Body bylaws.

Leaky Buildings.

As this is a visual only non-invasive survey, there are limitations as to what the inspection is able to identify, such as the condition of the internal framing and other materials hidden from view. This home inspection has limitations due to seasons, weather conditions and temperature in the previous months, weeks or days at the time of inspection, therefore elevated moisture readings may not show even if there is a leak problem therefore to fully identify if there is a leak problem or internal wall damage, invasive testing is required. 

Please note that without visible signs of water damage, it is not possible to always identify potential roof leaks or water ingress as there are variables such as weather conditions and time of year at the time of inspection. We use high quality moisture testing equipment and have a high level of experience to potentially identify problems areas where leaks often appear, however, if there are no visible signs, we cannot guarantee there are no leaks or water ingress, nor are responsible if there are leaks both present or future.   

This visual non-invasive only inspection has the following limitations.

1.     Inspection of the areas of building which were readily visible and safely reachable at the time of inspection.

2.     Areas that had REASONABLE ACCESS, where safe, unobstructed access is provided, and the minimum clearances specified below are available. Where these clearances are not available, the inspector will endeavour to view by line of sight if unobstructed. 

NOTE - It shall be clearly stated if no access was available, or limited access only was available at the time the inspection was carried out.

1. We will not access or climb on the roof where it is above the reachable height of a 3.6m ladder or over 30 degree pitch. We will only access the roof where access meets Health and Safety requirements. If access to the roof cannot be made, we will view the roof where possible off a safe working platform which limits the accuracy of our inspection.

2. We will not access the sub-floor space, where there is a crawl space of less than 500mm from underside of bearer.

3. We will not access a roof space, where the access hatch is higher that a ladder reach of 3.6m, or the hatch is less than 500x500mm.

4. Where these areas are not accessible, we will endeavour to view the subfloor or roof space by line of site from access manholes, base door or such as is practical to access.

Reading the report:

In the report, colour coded Abbreviations as per below are allocated to each area or item, which indicate the general condition, which will be followed by a comment based on the findings at the time of inspection.

AS = Appears Serviceable: The item appeared to be in working or usable condition at the time of inspection with no major discrepancies noted. 
R = Repair: The item was damaged, or near the end of its useful lifespan. We recommend a certified professional should be contacted for further evaluation and repair. 
S = Safety Issue: The item is considered a safety hazard and could potentially cause harm to people or property. These items should be repaired as soon as possible. 
NI = Not Inspected: For various reasons, the item was not inspected during the inspection. 
The inspection does not include any areas or components which were concealed or closed in behind finished surfaces (such as plumbing, gas, drainage, heating, framing, ventilation, insulation or wiring) or which required the moving of anything which impeded access or limited visibility (such as floor coverings, furniture, appliances, personal property, vehicles, vegetation, debris or soil)

Commenting on the structural integrity of any retaining walls or ground stability is a specialist field, hence we are not qualified to determine the structural integrity of the ground or structure, hence our comments are based on our building experience on a visual only basis. This being the case, we cannot be held liable should there be any defects both present or future, however, if there are concerns, the prospective purchaser or owner should consult a qualified engineer. 

The inspection did not assess compliance with the NZ Building Code including the Code's weathertightness requirements or structural aspects. On request, specialist inspections can be arranged for invasive testing for weathertightness or structure or any systems including electrical, plumbing, gas or heating.


As the purpose of the inspection was to assess the general condition of the building based on a limited visual inspection, this report may not identify all past, present or future defects of chattels, systems and appliances. Descriptions in this report of systems, chattels and appliances relate to existence only and not adequacy or life expectancy or functionality. Any area or component of the building or any item or system not specifically identified in this report as having been inspected was excluded from the scope of the inspection.

Appliances, heating systems, spa pools, alarms, ducted vacuum systems etc may be noted, however testing these items is outside the scope of the inspection. Both the electrical and plumbing systems are inspected where possible, however this is not a detailed assessment with circuit or pressure testing carried out, but rather a visual inspection only.


Heating systems are not tested. These may be noted and where possible identified if they can turn on or off, however testing these items is outside the scope of the inspection. Assessing the operation and compliance of open fires and wood burners is outside the scope of this report as they are a specialist field. We recommend that all fires and heating systems are checked, cleaned and serviced by a specialist in the specific field.


The lighting will be tested. We will comment on the type of the wiring that is visible in the internal ceiling space and in the sub floor area, we will also photograph the wiring in these areas and we will also photograph the main switch board to show the condition. Please note, we are not here to conduct an electrical check on the overall wiring of the dwelling, should there be any areas that are not functioning at the time of inspection, or that appear in need of further attention by a qualified registered electrician, we will state that in our report main summary area.


We will test all of the wet areas where possible. We will test and comment on the overall plumbing functionality and we will comment on the general condition of the plumbing that will be visible in the sub floor or in the internal ceiling space. We will provide photographs of the plumbing in those areas. Should we feel that there is further attention required on the plumbing by a registered plumber, we will state that in the main summary area of our report.


Level of Reporting

   The inspection includes an assessment of the condition of the following areas of a property:

      The Building Site

      The Subfloor Space

      The Exterior of the Building

      The Roof Exterior including gutter and downpipes

      The Roof Space including insulation.

      The Interior of the Building

      Exterior Windows and Doors



The client understands and agrees that the Inspector/Inspection Company is not an insurer, that the price paid for the subject inspection and report is based solely on the service provided. Client also agrees that any claim of failure in the accuracy of the report shall be reported to the Inspector/Inspection Company within five business days of discovery and that failure to notify the inspector within that time period shall constitute a waiver of any and all claims. The Inspector/Inspection Company shall have five business days to respond to the claim. If the Inspector/Inspection Company fails to satisfy the claim, liability shall be limited to a refund of the price paid for the Inspection and Report. 


This report is not to be copied, sold to or relied upon by a third party,  PROVIDED THAT where a purchaser or real estate is required by the terms of the Agreement of Sales and Purchase of Real Estate to provide a copy of this report to the owner of the property, then it is done so upon the basis that we have no responsibility whatsoever to the owner of the property in respect of any item whatsoever contained in this report.
Nor is this report a recommendation as to the advisability of purchase

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